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Born: 31st of March 1998
Place: Fauske / Nordland municipality in Norway
Mother: Bonita be Happy av Char-Fox
Father: Fon air Tornado
Siblings: 4 sisters and 2 brothers
I am a  Belgian Shepherd Dog  - more exactly I'm a Tervueren.


If you want to know more about me, there should be mentioned that I really LOVE all kind of food (o.k. - almost all kind of !!!). I really wonder - is this a dinstinctive feature of Tervueren, or is it just - 
little - me? 
   And that's why I'm often be called "IRIS"; and surely all people from Bodø and environs get the joke, but let me explain to the others - "IRIS" is the name of the local garbage firm. 
Opps, - don't bother, because I really don't mind and neither do my appetite! I'm only sorting the rubbish the naturaly way!!! 
Isn't that true?!?




Cartoon In my younger days (have them passed by all now?), as my 
people left me alone at home, I used to empty the fire-wood box beside our fireplace. And didn't I find nice things there ? - 
milkcartons, newspapers, empty boxes, and a lot more, ..... 
  And all this beautiful stuff I redecorated around in our living room. 
That was fun, and my people were really overjoyed. 
You can believe that !!! 
Now I'm a grown-up "lady", and of course ideas of activities like
that wouldn't pass my mind (possibly not!). 
But sometimes I wonder if my people don't miss my little
"declarations of love" ?!? 
Wouldn't you ?!?



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