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This breed has four varieties:

Groenendael - Tervueren - Malinois - Laekenois
There are just differences in kind and color of the fur. Butt all the four varieties (groups) are accepted by the F.C.I.
(In the USA the first three varieties are accepted as their own breed each. Laekenois are not recognized as a separate breed!) 

Dogs approx. 62 - 66 cm / Bitches approx. 56 - 62 cm



Belgian Shepherd Dogs are medium-sized, with a powerful and muscular body. The bone structure is moderately heavy in proportion to the dog's size - that makes the look of this dog's well balanced allover, and the breed known as fast and persevering.
   The face should be long and thin, with dark eyes like almonds. The ears are tight and triangular. The coat should be neither wiry or silky. It should be long, straight and abundant. The hair is shorter on the head, outside the ears and the lower parts of the legs. 
   Both the Groenendael and the Tervueren have especially long and abundant hair around the neck and fringe of long hair down back of forelegs. Long and abundant hair on the hindquarters and the tail. 
   The Malinois should be shorthaired most of the body, with thicker hair on the tail and around the neck. Also with this variety the hindquarters should be fringed with longer hair. 
   The coat of the Laekenois should be harsh, wiry and not curly. 

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In the Middle Age a lot of different varieties of this breed was known. These dog's were used as watchdog's and shepherd dog's. 
In the end of the year 1891 professor Reul, from the veterinary institut in Cureghem organized the club "Club du chien berger belge". And they decided, that it should only be allowed to cross-breed dog's with the same type of coat. The color should'nt be important at all. 
   A lot of years went by but there were still disagreements about the standard for this breed. Since 1978 the Belgian shepherd Dog is accepted by the F.C.I. (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) with it's four varieties (next page).


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