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VATNVATN, approx.3 km from my homeplace. We're often passing by here, becauce the only way to "my Paradise" is passing through here. This place is a real nice cabin district, just a short distance away from Bodø and Tverlandet (that's the homplace of me and my family). Here you have the possibility to swim (fersh water), to fish (salmon and trout) and to drive by boat (private). 
There's also a very popular school-camp here. 



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In SALTSTRAUMEN, approx.20 km from Tverlandet, you will find the worlds strongest maelstrom. 
A real Eldorado to fishing enthusiasts !!! 
Do you want some more information about Saltstraumen - 
like accommodation, activities, walking-tours, a.s.o, take a look here: 
Destinasjon Bodø 



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HEGGMOEN, approx.10 km from my place. Here you find a lot of possibilities to go on a hike, but you also find the one and only "dog paradise" (marked area) in Bodø and environs here. 
Just there your dog is allowed to go without dog-lead. 
   ATTENTION !!! Some times this marked area is also used by the military. You are not permitted to use the "dog paradise" at the same time, so please follow the notes about military exercises in our district papers. 

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